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With Innovation, Experience and Vision

Offering Affordable Solar Solutions

Renewable Energy

Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is resulting in significant energy security.

Respose & Resources

Through onsite Engineer FutureSolar ensures that the Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance.


We are pioneers in providing 360 deg solar power plant operations which have shown a credible rapid growth over two years.

Recent Projects

Our Plants are generating power as efficiently & Cost-Effectively as possible throughout its lifecycles.

Our Services

# Future Solar brings you a full-service, specialist PV solution-be it for free-field, roof-top or off-grid projects. # All Future Solar plants are designed, engineered and constructed according to various standards. # Future Solar's services cover the entire project process chain-from Erection & Commissioning, construction to on-site operation and maintenance (O&M). that guarantees our customers the best results for their investment.

Powering Utilities

Unique Advantages of choosing FutureSolar:      # Fulfilment of renewable purchase obligations. # Meeting the Peak load demand.                       # Predictable Pricing over long tenure.               # Clean form of energy for a better future.

Energy Efficient

Unique advantages of choosing FutureSolar:        # Solutions for Energy Security.                            # Cleaner alternative to diesel.                               # Sustainable Rooftop Solutions.                            # Achievement of Green ratings (LEEDs) for Companies.

Empowering India

Unique advantages of choosing FutureSolar:    # Rural electrification through microgrids.          # Solar solution for agricultural sector.                # Sustainable energy support for educational initiatives.                                                                   # Utilisation of solar energy for health facilities.

Renewable Energy

Unique advantages o choosing FutureSolar:        # The availability of plants have exceeded 99.8% in the first two years of operations, ensuring high returns to the owner.                    # FutureSolar O&M is backed by a dedicated engineering team for in depth analysis and optimal performance.


About Us

“Future Solar” is a proprietorship based company with proprietor being Mr. Charnjeev Singh who himself is a well renowned and respected personality in the solar sector & having an experience of successful execution of 120MW Solar power plants. “Future Solar” was incorporated on March’2014. The Company was established with an objective to engage in the business of fabrication, erection, commissioning and operation & maintenance related works required for solar power plants and other heavy engineering industries.

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The company has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology and financial services, and also has an office in the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

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It encompasses seven business sectors: communications and information technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals.

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Moser Baer multicrystalline solar cells are manufactured from purified polysilicon in a manufacturing plant that permits use of thin silicon wafers.

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